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Welcome to Hansa Horticulture Farm

  • We establish HANSA HORTICULTURE in the year 2014 venturing into greenhouse horticulture project to produce very high quality cut flowers for our clients all over the world. Our project is situated in Ethiopian high lands (Oromia region) with an altitude of 2300 to 2550. Oromia region is blessed with natural beauty and ideal for production of very high quality roses and other flowers.
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  • As we very much fond of the Ethiopian citizens love and care, we overwhelmed to give something back to brighten their new generation’s future, Hansa provided educational kit to the kids of the employees.
    Apart from this to improve women’s health, with the help of Korean NGO we are providing the health consultation along with food supplements and medical advices .moreover we are providing breakfast to the employees on daily basis.


Our highly skilled and professional team have established a modern and efficient crop management system and high quality controls within both the field and the packhouse.

We harvest two times a day to ensure the optimum quality and cut stage of each stem. Roses are sized directly in the field and put in disinfected water before they are transported into the packhouse.

We harvest our roses at cut stage 2 or 3 depending on client requirements.

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Ethiopia the fourth largest supplier of flower to the world market. This is an ideal place for the production and export of flowers,vegetables, fruits and herbs. Such suitability of the country helped to bring exponential growth of export in the last seven years. More than 122 billion metric cubic of ground and surface water; millions hectare of fertile land; trainable and disciplined working force;[...]

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